Wednesday, March 20, 2019

History of the Club


The employees of the B.C. Electric and Railway Company (B.C.E.R.) founded the club in 1911 using courts in the Windsor Park area. It was supported by the company and was called the B.C. Electric and Railroad Tennis Club. On July 6, 1912, the lot on Bowker Avenue was purchased by B.C.E.R. Co. from J.K. Drinnan for $1800. An abutting lot on Cavendish Avenue was bought on June 2, 1913 from R. C. Neish for $1600. 

In 1923, two fenced courts and a clubhouse were built on the Bowker Avenue site. A second adjacent lot on Cavendish Avenue was purchased in 1938 from M. Bell for $275. 

In 1914, the first Men's single Club champion was A. V. Price.
In 1915 the Men's single Club champion was R. D. Travis.
A. Code won the Women's singles trophy first presented in 1932.

Upcoming Events

07 Apr 2019n09:30AM - 12:00PMnSpring Clean up
13 Apr 2019n12:00PM - 04:30PMnOpening Day Lunch & Drop-in
14 Apr 2019n12:00PM - 04:30PMnDrop-in Tennis
15 Apr 2019n12:30PM - 02:30PMnLadies' 4.0 + Sign-up
16 Apr 2019n06:00PM - 08:00PMnSITA League. Cts. 2 & 3