Wednesday, March 20, 2019

History of the Club



The Victoria Club continued through the 1950's but with fewer B.C.E.R. employees as members. In 1959, Mr. Mearnes, B.C.E.R. president, during a meeting with Peggy MacNeil, the Club president, expressed concern over the small employee membership. He suggested that in the future the Club might have to be self-supporting. 

In 1959 Rosemary Hawthorne captured the Ladies singles title. Howard Tooby won the Men's singles title.


In 1960 the Club did become self-supporting and leased the facilities for $50 per month from the B.C.E.R.  In 1961, the Company offered to sell the property to the Club for $9,000. 

A five-year struggle commenced. With only 50 members the Club wondered how to raise the $9,000 in order to buy the Club from B.C. Electric, (soon to be B.C. Hydro). In the early 1960s $9000 was a lot of money. A reasonable monthly salary at that time was $400 - $500. Interest in tennis was low and some members were leaving to join the venerable Victoria Lawn Tennis Club, which was about to move to magnificent new facilities in the Gordon Head area.


Upcoming Events

07 Apr 2019n09:30AM - 12:00PMnSpring Clean up
13 Apr 2019n12:00PM - 04:30PMnOpening Day Lunch & Drop-in
14 Apr 2019n12:00PM - 04:30PMnDrop-in Tennis
15 Apr 2019n12:30PM - 02:30PMnLadies' 4.0 + Sign-up
16 Apr 2019n06:00PM - 08:00PMnSITA League. Cts. 2 & 3