Tuesday, June 18, 2019

History of the Club



The Club's future was bleak. At one general meeting the members were about to throw in the towel. But a motion to hang on, and feisty comments by Percy Baradell persuaded the members to continue their efforts. 

Over the next 5 years under the presidency of Stan Booker, and the persistence and enthusiasm of Howard Tooby, things started to move. The Club's name was changed to the Oak Bay Tennis Club and it was registered under the Societies Act. The Club ceased affiliation with the B.C.E. although the property continued to be leased from the Company. In 1961 the Club's offer of $7500 was declined. The B.C.E. offer to sell the proper for $8500 was rejected by the club. In 1962 the Club offered $9000 on terms of $1500 cash and the balance payable over 12 years. This too was rejected by B.C.E. The B.C.E. was now in the process of negotiating incorporation with the Crown Corporation, the B.C. Hydro and Power Authority. These negotiations provided time for the Club to scramble and raise money to purchase the property. Members were sold $50 debentures, and thanks to the generosity of one member, $7500 was borrowed at a low interest rate. Salvation. Time was running out. On March 24, 1964, the Club offered to purchase the property for $9000 cash. Three days later this offer was accepted “on the understanding that the Club would give an undertaking, so far as legally practical, not to vacate the premises with a view to subdivision of the property for sale as residential or commercial lots for a period of 10 years”.


Upcoming Events

18 Jun 2019n12:30PM - 02:30PMnMen's Social
18 Jun 2019n02:30PM - 04:00PMnDoubles Domination Clinic
18 Jun 2019n06:00PM - 08:00PMnSITA League. Cts. 2 & 3
19 Jun 2019n01:00PM - 03:00PMnLadies Social
19 Jun 2019n03:00PM - 04:30PMn4.0 Clinic